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Welcome to the Brats of the Storm website!

This site is a great place to keep everyone up to date on things of interest, like good instance runs and amazing feats of skill, or that jerk that gave you such problems on your last run.

Please post trade skill levels in the guild roster and tell us about unusual or rare recipes that you have learned in the forums so we all know who to contact for that potion for our next quest!

Everyone in the guild should download the add-ons mentioned on the left side to make communicating in game easier and to assist in finding out about scheduled Events! If you need any help getting these things setup, ask someone in forums or guild chat - there's plenty of know-it-alls around the place. :D

In order to participate in the guild forums and signing up for events, everyone needs to apply for website access/membership. There should be a button or link at the top of the webpage to apply for a guild portal login and request website membership.

Check back soon, to see if we've noticed your application and given you membership access to the site! We check the site regularly and should respond to the application within a day or two.

Other Guild News

Marrowgar Defeated

Auradel, May 1, 10 9:40 AM.
March started and we took down Marrowgar in our guild-first ICC10 attempt! Now we're romping through Saurfang and playing with Putricide's minions!

Elysial, Pagamoe, Tokinoffen, Kanabyss, Kuranan, Rohanda, Greywulf, Kaluno, and Deathstocker were there when we defeated our first Icecrown Citadel boss.

Raid Progression

Ellament2, Feb 2, 10 1:53 AM.
Brats are traveling and seeing the sights! We've been adding friendly types from around the realm to our regular weekend raids and traveling to fancy new locations. Ulduar and ToC have been conquered. We're doing ICC 10-man raids! Saurfang Jr. hates us, the horde keeps losing boats, and Putricide's minions are worried about when we're coming back!

Tokinoffen/Auradel has been our key organizer of these raids, and he is developing a core group of players for our adventures. Contact Tokinoffen in game for more information about the schedule and gear requirements.
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